Why Minecraft Beta is a ‘bitchin’ game

A few days ago I sat down to play Minecraft Beta, the game’s free update that will go live on April 1st.

It’s a bit like playing a video game, but without the bugs.

I’m a beta tester and I’ve been playing it for the past two weeks, which is pretty good.

The game, which lets you create and explore the Minecraft universe in the style of your favourite sci-fi cartoon, is a blast to play and has a fantastic community of developers who have created everything from the amazing Minecraft Fortress to the quirky Minecraft Pocket Fortress.

The Minecraft Beta update includes the release of a new map, Minecraft Pocket, which brings the player’s experience in Minecraft to a whole new level.

It also brings in a whole host of new features, including the ability to add your own customised map and new player options like a customizable weapon.

It adds more ways to play, like a “scratchpad” where you can poke your finger on the screen and see what it does.

“You’ll be able to do more things in the game,” says creative director Dan “Drew” Hall, “like build structures and create your own levels.”

It’s all happening at once, however, so you’ll need to go back and look through the new maps to see which features have been added.

The new map is the first time that Minecraft Pocket has been included in a beta, and it’s a great addition.

Minecraft Pocket is an all-new map in Minecraft Beta.

It introduces new features like a scratchpad, which will allow you to poke your fingers on the game screen to see what the map does.

The map also comes with a brand new player, a character named “Rookie” that can be created by anyone and has the ability of using a different weapon to the player you’re playing as.

This player also has the option to add his or her own customisable weapon, which can be used to create a weapon-specific set of blocks, or you can just buy the item from the store.

It will be worth keeping an eye out for as it has been a long time coming.

The “Rook” character in Minecraft Pocket.

The character you can see on the right is named “Ender”.

Minecraft Pocket will also bring in some of the best new features to Minecraft over the past few weeks.

First, there are now three “bases” that you can use to build.

You can create your base by clicking on the green “BASE” button in the upper right corner, which has a “SUBMIT” button.

There’s also a “CREATE” button that will create a new base, which gives you access to the map as well as other options, like adding your own items.

There are also new building options for the player.

You’ll see a building that looks similar to the one you’re currently in when you click on it, and you can choose which blocks to build, and when.

This allows you to choose when you want to build it, which in the past was often at night.

You also have the option of having the building take up more space, which I think is pretty useful when you’re trying to construct a large structure, like an entire fortress.

In addition to this, there’s a “DRAW” button, which allows you draw blocks and objects.

When you draw something, it will appear in the top-left corner of the screen.

If you click it, it’ll move into place.

This is where you’ll see the building itself, which looks like a tower, with its base, a wooden block and a bunch of other stuff that you’ll probably be able just fine to build from now on.

The player’s first “base” is named Ender’s Tower, and this is a fairly simple one.

You start by building a wooden tower and a few blocks on top of it, then you can add some more stuff, including a few doors.

You may have noticed that the building you’re building doesn’t have any doors.

This means that you have to click on the player to open up doors, and then you’ll have to use the “DRAFT” button to create more doors.

As you build your tower, you’ll notice that the ground is level, meaning that you need to move some blocks around to keep the building level.

There is also a floor that you will have to walk over to the next building, which means that once you have built your building you’ll be in a new room.

The room contains a variety of stuff like a furnace, an item that gives you the ability for more stuff to be placed in it, a fire, and more.

In the new rooms, you can also craft items, which you can craft by clicking the red “STORE” button next to the item you want.

The first new addition in the beta is the “POP” item.

It allows you the use of a number of items that you might

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