New antibiotic ‘delivers relief to UK’s elderly’

A new antibiotic has been approved in the UK for elderly people to help them fight infection.

The drug is called beta lactampax and is being developed by Bristol-Myers Squibb.

The Bristol-MYERS company says it has developed the drug, lactam and is testing its effectiveness in older people.

Dr. David Lappalieu, chief medical officer at Bristol-myers, said: ‘It’s a great first step for us and we’re excited to have the first indication that this treatment could be useful to older people with a history of infections.

‘We expect the drug to be available for patients in the coming weeks.’

The drug, beta lactactam, is a new antibiotic that has been developed by the Bristol- Myers Squirbs pharmaceutical division.

It is manufactured by Pfizer.

The company’s new drug, which was developed by Pfizl Pharmaceuticals, is called lactam.

Dr Lappelieu added: ‘We are confident that the drug will provide relief to people who are currently struggling with symptoms and who have already had a serious illness.

‘The first dose is currently being administered in England and Wales, and we expect it to be effective in other countries around the world.

‘It is designed to work by blocking a protein called β lactam, which is present in the body and which is essential to our metabolism.

‘Our preliminary data suggests that lactam treatment has significant benefits for older people, and may have other beneficial effects in other parts of the body.’

This is a first indication of benefit from a novel antibiotic, and it is important to remember that this drug is not a cure.’

We have been working with patients in Bristol- MYERS Squibbs Pharmaceutical Division to understand how it works, so we will continue to test it and see if this drug has the potential to be useful for people who suffer from conditions such as diabetes and asthma.

‘In the longer term, we will be conducting clinical trials to evaluate the drug in humans.’

Dr Lapplieu also revealed that Bristol-Mys has also announced that it will soon introduce a new drug that is designed specifically for elderly patients to help to reduce infection and improve the quality of life.

The new drug is being designed by Pfist AG.

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