How to download a beta app for iOS – betos

The beta distribution platform betos is now available to download and test beta versions of its official Football Italian app for iPad and iPhone.

The app is currently only available in Italy and the United Kingdom.

Users can sign up by visiting and downloading the beta app.

The beta version will automatically download for everyone who has an iOS device running iOS 7 or later.

Betos’ beta app is the first to have support for iOS 9.5 beta, which has been available since mid-November.

In September, Apple released the iOS 9 Beta.

In a blog post published on Sunday, Betos CEO Marco Calenda explained that the company had been developing the beta since mid October.

“We wanted to offer a beta version of the Football Italians app, but we had to make sure that the beta version was as stable as possible, which meant testing the beta apps before releasing it,” Calenda wrote.

“This is why we decided to release the beta of the app on November 30th.”

Beta users will also be able to use betos’ social network to get feedback and support on the app, according to the company.

Users will be able send in screenshots and feedback for the beta to be reviewed.

They can also request that a beta of a product is released.

“For every beta you can choose whether to use a different name for it or if you want the app to use your actual email address, which you can use for your feedback,” Calendas post said.

“In this case, you will be notified when the beta is ready.”

Betos is the latest to add beta support to its app.

In January, it launched the Beta version of its app for Android.

Betas support has been in the works for some time.

In August, the app’s official website announced that betos was working on beta software.

“We’re working on the Beta release of the FIFA App, a new app that brings a new level of excitement and excitement to the game of football,” the website stated.

“As we’ve said before, we are not going to be releasing the app for a while.

We will do everything possible to release it as soon as possible.”

A few weeks later, betos announced that it would be launching a beta for Android in the first half of 2020.

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