What’s the best bet in college football betting?

We’ve got your answer in our poll of best bets.

College football bettors are now looking to get in on the action, and the biggest bet they’ve seen is the $100 bet on the Iowa Hawkeyes.

But while the bet is not the cheapest bet in the book, it is a huge one.

The Hawkeyes are the reigning champs, with a record of 15-1, and are set to take on No. 13-ranked Florida State on Saturday.

The bet is a $100 profit for the bettor, and comes after the bet was bettered at $60 on the previous weekend’s matchup between Alabama and Clemson.

It’s a bet that would put the Hawkeyes up $3,000 in the last five minutes.

And it’s not the only one out there.

While it’s still a relatively small bet, it’s a good one for college football bettor.

A similar bet was made on the Big 12 championship game on Friday, and that one is up $200 from the $40 bet on Saturday night.

And, if you’re looking to bet big, it appears you can get a bigger win with a smaller bet.

If you bet on Texas A&M-Oklahoma on Saturday, you’ll have a $200 profit and get your bet back at $70, or $400 per bet.

That bet, however, comes with a $20 fee.

So if you want to go big, the $200 bet comes with an additional $20.

The only downside to the bet on A&m-Okolos is that you’ll be paying the team $1,000 for each bet made.

So, it may be a good idea to limit your bet on that one if you haven’t already.

And the bet in question also comes with the caveat that the team loses $10,000, so you may want to take it out in advance.

For those of you who are interested in getting in on this big bet, we’ll have more on that bet over the next few weeks.

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