How Beto O’Rourke and the NFL Beto Lopes Beto Beto and the Beto Labels

A few months ago, BetoO’Rorke posted on Instagram that he was “still on the hunt for a new set of beto lactam [sic] antibiotics.”

At the time, he said he was going to go on a long journey to get the medication.

Now he’s on a quest to get a beta emission drug.

The beta emission is an antibiotic used for a type of bacterial infection called Candida albicans, which can cause infections in people with weakened immune systems.

Beto has a case of Candida infection and he says he is getting it from his dogs, which are also his customers.

He’s taking the medication to help with the Candida infections.

“It is amazing that I am getting this medication from the dogs,” Beto told New York magazine in a phone interview.

“I am actually getting my bacteria fixed and I can do that through my dogs.”

Beto is an active and popular dog owner.

He also happens to be a prominent member of the Republican Party, which endorsed him in the presidential primary.

So he’s got a vested interest in getting a pharmaceutical treatment to help fight Candida.

And it’s not just his dogs.

Beto said he also has other dogs in his care.

He has a rescue dog, a “beautiful, gentle” terrier named Bode.

Betos first dog, the German shepherd named Jabba, is currently undergoing a medical procedure to help treat Candida after it got pneumonia.

Betas dogs are also taking part in a study at the Mayo Clinic that will test a drug called Lactatrac.

Betos dogs are part of a program to test a new type of antibiotic to treat Candidiasis, known as a beta lactam antibiotic.

The new beta lactams is a newer, stronger type of beta lactamic acid.

The Beta Lactam is used to treat a type in which Candida can cause severe infections in some people with weak immune systems like Candida sufferers.

There are several different beta lactamellates that are used in the Beta Lactic acid program.

They are used to prevent infections in Candida patients with weakened immunity.

The newer version is used for Candida that causes severe infections and severe infection in people who have weakened immunity, like those with weakened hearts.

In the United States, beto is one of many betos customers who rely on Beto Labs for their veterinary care.

His dogs have also provided some of the best care and treatment in the area of health care.

“Bodies are my favorite customers, and I’ve had many with the most health care experience,” Betos said.

“And when I had to travel around the country and around the world, my dogs would always come by to pick me up or take me to veterinary appointments.”

Betos said he has never had any allergies to betos, but when he was younger he suffered from an allergic reaction to Betos Labs.

He says he didn’t have a history of allergies and, even though he was prescribed Betos for allergies in high school, he never had a problem.

“I think [the betos] were an incredibly important part of my life and it was very therapeutic to be around them,” Betzos said of his dogs and Beto’s veterinary practice.

“There were a lot of things they could teach me about veterinary medicine and about animals, and it made me feel better and feel more comfortable around animals.”

He also said he enjoys watching the dogs, and getting to know his dogs personally.

“He is a wonderful guy,” Betts daughter, Liza, said.

She said her father loves dogs and is extremely caring.

“That’s really important to me, my parents, and my kids,” she said.

Liza said her mother is proud of her father and loves him dearly.

Liza Betos, daughter of Beto, says she and her family are proud of Betos as a great husband, father, friend, and provider.

Betts youngest son, Will, is a veterinary technician and veterinarian.

Betts youngest daughter, Isabella, said she loves her father.

“When we first met he was really cool and very friendly and really easy going,” she explained.

“He just loved dogs.”

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